Hemi Camshafts

All of the following street and racing camshafts may appear to be small.  These are proprietary lobes designed by RLD Performance not by others. These camshafts were specifically designed for Late model engines to use with our cylinder head port designs. These camshafts were designed with short seat timing and high lift.  The lobes were all designed with the most aggressive hydraulic roller lobes available today.  All of these camshafts have a maximum timing area "under the curve" for maximum performance. This camshaft line will maximize your combination and are best utilized as cubic inch specific depending on if you want to emphasize horsepower or torque.

Please pay particular attention to the lift.  The Hemi valve guides must be cut down and .650 lift springs must be used to use any of these camshafts.  Do not order a camshaft past your maximum spring lift.  RLD Performance has a proven line of their own racing springs that were designed to work with these profiles.

Emissions warning - The following camshafts are for off road use only and are not 50 state smog legal to use on emission controlled vehicles.

1. Designed to maximize port flow by cubic inch application.
2. Designed to maximize valve spring limitations for maximum performance.
3. Most aggressive ramp designs available with maximum lobe area.
4. Camshaft Characteristics include increased throttle response, a broad torque curve, minimal dip in the low speed torque curve and peak horsepower with minimal drop off at peak RPM.

5.  Factory lift is limited to .550 due to the distance between the retainer and valve stem seal.  You must cut down the cylinder head valve guides and install a new oil seal for retainer to valve stem clearance on all camshaft profiles.

6.  All camshafts require a .650 lift spring.

7.  All camshafts work best with the RLD Performance Flowline Machined head package and Stage 3 intake.

RLD-H1 low lift

Duration @.006 264/272, w 1.6 .555/.556, LSA 114 1,500-7,000 rpm

Comments-  Due to the popularity of the H1 design, this low lift camshaft was designed as a universal upgrade camshaft for the 5.7 and larger V-8's without changing  factory valve train components.


Duration @ .006  265/275, w 1.6 .592/.600, LSA 114  1,500-7,500 rpm

Comments -  Baseline stage one performance camshaft for the 5.7-6.5L Hemi on the street.  Emphasizes a balanced engine with the RLD cylinder heads and ported intake.  Huge midrange torque.  Outstanding turbo/supercharger cam.  No overlap at .050 lift.  Stall converter is optional.  See listed dyno sheet  536 HP/ 498 T at flywheel tested on an SAE Engine Dyno and 445 HP / 448 T on a chassis dyno.


Duration @ .006 268/278, w 1.6 .592/.611, LSA 115  2,000 - 7,500 rpm

Comments - Stage two and largest recommended camshaft for a 5.7-6.5L on the street. Emphasizes HP rather than T.  Works best in a 5.7-6.5 with a stick shift.  Outstanding turbo/supercharger cam for 5.7L plus cubic inches.  This camshaft may be too small for the 7L.  Overlap @.050.  Stall converter may be required in smaller cubic inch engines.

Racing Camshafts


Duration @ .006 272/282, w 1.6 .599/.605, LSA 114  2,000 - 7,500 rpm

Comments -  Stage three and power adder camshaft for a 5.7-6.1 applications with a stick shift.  However, this camshaft is generally too large for the 5.7-6.5L designs in most cases.  Designed to emphasize torque at the expense of horsepower in larger 392-426 cubic inch displacement engines in heavy vehicles.  Overlap @.050 lift.  Stall optional.


Duration @.006 276/286, w 1.6 .605/.608, LSA 114  2,500 - 8,000 rpm

Comments - Transitional cam for larger 392-426 cubic inch applications in heavy vehicles as well as cars looking for more torque than horsepower.  Horsepower will increase over the RLD-H3 camshsft at the expense of torque.  Overlap @.050 lift.  Stall optional.  


Duration @.006  280/290, w 1.6 .605/.611, LSA 113  3,000 - 8,000 rpm

Comments - 426 Hemi racing camshaft designed to maximize Hp and torque with the RLD CNC cylinder head and fully ported intake manifold.  This is a balanced engine combination to build maximum performance in a heavy vehicle.  Excellent road race and limited drag race camshaft in all vehicles.  Overlap at .050.  Stall optional. Baseline 565 HP/562 T on an SAE Engine Dyno. 507 average torque throughout the power band.  See dyno sheet.


Duration @ .006  285/295, w 1.6 .609/.640, LSA 114 3,000 - 8,000 rpm

Comments - 426 Hemi racing camshaft designed to maximize Hp and torque with the RLD CNC cylinder head and fully ported intake manifold.  This camshaft moves the HP/T band up and will emphasize HP over T.  Excellent road race and limited drag race camshaft for a manual transmission. 

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