Hemi Dyno

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Over 600 HP to the crank!  

520 HP/487 T Late Model 426 Hemi with RLD-H6 Camshaft and headers.

  Owner Jeffrey Hanks hand ported intake and heads.

Stage1 Dyno Chart 640

Late Model SRT8 6.1 (370 cubic inch) Hemi with RLD Performance upper end kit.  RLD Performance Stage 3 CNC Intake Manifold, RLD Performance "Flowline Machined" Racing Cylinder Heads, factory valves, .650 lift PSI conical springs, , RLD-H1 Custom Roller Camshaft, RLD Upgrade Pushrods, 50lb injectors.  Stock accessory drive, stock throttle body, stock rocker arm system and stock exhaust manifolds.   445HP/448T.  405ft/lbs average torque. Idles at 750 rpm.  Idle at right.  Engine Dyno Sheet for this 6.1 Hemi package is below. Note the high Volumetric Efficiency!  Video at right.

          Below - 565HP/562T 426 Hemi with RLD Performance Upper End Kit with RLD-H5 Custom Camshaft.

         Below - 595HP/542T 426 Hemi. RLD Performance Upper End Kit with RLD-H7 Custom Camshaft.


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