Hemi Intake

6.1 Hemi Stage 2 Intake 

89% of port flow = Stage 1 plus CNC machined entry at throttle body into plenum.

6.1 Hemi Stage 2 Intake Port 2


6.1 Hemi Stage 3 Intake

92% of port flow = Stage 1, Stage 2 plus clean up of internal plenum for maximum air flow volume.



The stock 6.1 intake only flows 74% of the cylinder head runner potential thus restricting the overall ability to make horsepower and torque.  Modifications in Stage 1 adds 9%.  Modifications in Stage 2 increases airflow by 15% and finally Stage 3 increases airflow by 18%.  This brings the overall intake to within 92% of the runner flow.  this is where you should be.  The pricing is labor only where you supply the intake manifold.  You will also need to purchase gaskets.

For the ultimate performance, a high heat, petroleum impervious, phenolic spacer pictured to the right cools the intake charge by isolating the cylinder head heat from the intake charge.  This will help maximize your performance package.  Two sets of Cometic intake gaskets are used.

After complete analysis, we feel that there is no need for a larger throttle body than stock as we made over 600 HP/T with the 80mm stock throttle body.  On the exhaust side we did find a 22 horsepower overall average increase with American Racing Headers.  Not peak horsepower, average horsepower.  We found more horsepower and torque with a muffler rather than without a muffler.

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