Custom Street Camshafts 

All of the following street and racing camshafts may appear to be small.  These are proprietary lobes designed by RLD Performance not by others. These camshafts were specifically designed for LSX engines to use with our cylinder head port designs.  These camshafts were designed with short seat timing and high lift.  The lobes were all designed with the most aggressive hydraulic roller lobes available today.  All of these camshafts have a maximum area or lobe timing  "under the curve" for maximum performance.  The characteristics of these camshafts are quick throttle response, a broader torque curve and the ability to hold peak horsepower longer before dropping off.  All of these camshafts were designed to be power adder friendly.  This camshaft line will maximize your combination and are best utilized as cubic inch specific depending on if you want to emphasize horse power or torque.

Please pay particular attention to the lobe size and multiply it your rocker ratio to establish your lift. Do not order a camshaft past your maximum spring lift.  RLD Performance has a proven line of their own racing springs that were designed to work with these profiles.

Emissions warning - The following camshafts are for off road use only and are not 50 state legal to use on emission controlled vehicles.


L (CI)      .570 lift        .600 lift         .650 lift         Stick         Auto        Max HP        Max T

5.7          RLD-5           RLD-6           RLD-4          any          RLD-6      RLD-4         RLD-6


6.0          RLD-5           RLD-6           RLD-4          any         RLD-6       RLD-4,7      RLD-6


6.2          RLD-5           RLD-6           RLD-4          any        RLD-6       RLD-4,3,7    RLD-6


6.3          RLD-5           RLD-6           RLD-4          any        RLD-6       RLD-4,3,7    RLD-6


6.6                                               RLD-2,3,4,7,11     any        RLD-3       RLD-11     RLD-3


6.7                                               RLD-2,3,4,11     any        RLD-3,2     RLD-11       RLD-3,2


6.8                                               RLD-2,3,4,11     any        RLD-2       RLD-11        RLD-2


7.0                                               RLD-2,3,4,11     any         RLD-2      RLD-11        RLD-2


7.11                                             RLD-2,3,4,11     any         RLD-2      RLD-11,15   RLD-2


7.2                                               RLD-2,3,4,11     any         RLD-2      RLD-11,15   RLD-2


7.44                                             RLD-2,3,4,11     any         RLD-2      RLD-11,15   RLD-2      




Duration @ .006 269/279, .372/.382 lobe lift, w 1.7 .633/.649, LSA 115  2,000 - 7,000 rpm

Comments - largest recommended camshaft for a 5.7L on the street. Emphasizes HP rather than T. Works best in 383 and larger cubic inch applications. Huge midrange increase in 400+ cubic inches. Outstanding turbo/supercharger cam for 5.7L plus cubic inches. Requires .650 lift spring upgrade but has no overlap at .050 lift.  Stall converter may be required in smaller cubic inch engines.


Duration @ .006 264/274, .353/.365 lobe lift, w 1.7 .600/.621, LSA 114  1,800 - 7,000 rpm

Comments - Smaller than RLD-3 by one cam size.  Outstanding 5.7L plus street camshaft.  Camshaft will still emphasize HP rather than T. Works best in a 6.0L or larger application.  An outstanding turbo/supercharger camshaft for 5.7 plus cubic inches.  Requires .650 lift spring upgrade and has no overlap at .050 lift.  No stall converted required.

415rwhp/378rwt normally aspirated in a 5.7L automatic GTO, 502rwhp/463rwt with turbo in a 5.7L automatic GTO. 431rwhp/387rwt in an automatic 6.0L sand car. Dyno sheets listed.


Duration @.006 263/273, .327/.333 lobe lift, w 1.7 .556/566, LSA 114  Idle - 7,000 rpm

Comments - Outstanding 5.7-6.0L camshaft with the stock factory LS2 spring.  Balanced performance between HP/T.  Designed as a Max area and lift camshaft for the LS2 stock head with stock .570 lift conical spring.  An outstanding turbo/supercharger camshaft for 5.7 plus cubic inches.  No overlap at .050 lift.  No stall converter required.


Duration @.006 260/270, .350/.350 lobe lift, w 1.7 .595/.595, LSA 114 idle - 7,000 rpm.  Degree on a 114 ICL

Comments - Outstanding 5.7-6.0L camshaft with a spring upgrade.  Balanced performance between HP/T. Best average HP/T in a 6.0L.  Designed as a Max area and lift camshaft for the LS2 with .600 spring lift maximum.  Outstanding turbo/supercharger camshaft for 5.7 plus cubic inches.  No overlap at .050 lift.  No stall converter required.

423 RWHP/403RWT with CNC L92 heads, cold air induction kit and 4 into 1 headers in a 6L normally aspirated Corvette. Dyno sheet listed.


Duration @ .006 265/275, .370/.387 lobe lift, w 1.7 .630/.657, LSA 115  Idle-7500 rpm.  Degree on a 112 ICL

Comments- Very agressive cam up to 383 cubic inches with a maximum broad torque range. Max area camshaft and needs .650 lift springs.  Outstanding supercharger camshaft.  

Racing Camshafts


Duration @ .006 274/284, .358/.362 lobe lift, w 1.7 .609/.615, LSA 114  2,000 - 7,000 rpm

Comments - Next size up from the RLD-3 but designed as a racing camshaft. Designed for Max Torque for 402 + cubic inches. Outstanding 427 cubic inch Z06 racing camshaft where a substantial increase in torque is desired. Designed to use with 1.8 rocker arm ratio.  Requires .650 lift spring upgrade. Overlap @.050 lift.

Dyno sheet listed in a Class 1 racing sand car.


Duration @.006 281/291, .378/.353 lobe lift, w 1.7 .643/.600, LSA 113  2,500 - 8,000 rpm

Comments - Next size up from RLD-2.  Maximum or off the hook HP for 402 or larger CI.  Designed for a 1.7 rocker ratio.  Max lift for any LSX dual spring pack, depending on rocker ratio. Requires upgraded dual springs. Cannot be used with a 1.8 rocker without a .700 lift dual spring. Overlap @.050 lift.

434 cu/in LSX 624 hp @ 6,100 RPM with 594 ft/lb T @ 5,100 RPM in a Z06 SCCA road race car.  Dyno sheet available.


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