RLD Performance has been custom building and/or rebuilding domestic and foreign engines for over 45 years.  Therefore we have seen the evolution of GM Gen 1 engines  to the current LS, LSX Gen III-Gen IV platforms.  Although focused on cylinder head development, custom camshafts and valve train for other engine builders, we build select prototype engines as well as put together proven engine combinations with select parts for anyone.  Our custom engine program is designed around working with the customer to give them exactly what they want rather than a take what we build approach.  We are happy to construct a short block, long block or a complete engine.

Our extensive background of suppling others with upper end packages for a build gives us a knowledge base of what works and what may not work that well.  For instance, if you are in a smog state like California we know the correct induction choice, fuel management choice, camshaft choice and exhaust system choice so you can pass smog and still have a significant performance gain. 

On reasonably priced Generation 1 customers we would suggest modernizing that platform with comparable piston design, combustion chamber design, compression, air flow, induction and exhaust to a modern day performance platform.  Back it with a modern day overdrive transmission and see fuel economy and reliability increase significantly at a much lower cost than completely converting over to an LSX platform.  This can be achieved with modern day aftermarket parts.

With our all out performance customers, we try to assist you in choosing the correct parts for the build, getting the right machine shop services and getting it all put together correctly by the customer, RLD Performance or other engine builders.  Your build is only as good as the weakest part, poor machining practice, haphazard assembly technique or abusive driver for a particular application.

Custom Short Blocks

 RLD Performance, P.O. Box 890066, Temecula, CA 92589 (951) 676-4948, 9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time M-F, stan@rldperformance.com